Summer Feels with SkinnyMint

I’m a lover of all things healthy. So, I love indulging on things that help me stay fit and gorgeous from the inside out. The things that top my list are all about a strong workout and a clean diet that includes mostly fruits, veggies, and vegetarian protein. I’m very proud to share with you angels that I’m very strict about what I eat. But shouldn’t we only eat things that benefit our bodies?! And, I truly find lots of happiness in nourishing my body with superfoods that not only boost me up, but also honor the earth.  

However, now that I’m visiting my home land, my diet is changing a bit as I don’t find all the vegetarian options I find in the US. Therefore, I’m eating a little more pizza and a little more bread than usual and a few other things like ice cream too.  But, there are some things that will never change and those are pictured below, Yay! Lots of fruits and my 28 Day Ultimate Teatox by SkinnyMint.

Aww, it was such a smart idea to pack and bring with me my beloved SkinnyMint Teatox as it gives me all the summer feels. SkinnyMint Teatox is an awesome two-step detox tea and it’s the best to cleanse my body and boost my energy levels. I usually have the Morning Boost along with my breakfast. Yasss, it’s so tropical and fruity!

I’m including for you my lovelies what’s in my SkinnyMint Teatox Morning Boost

Green Tea– energizing, fat burning, immunity boosting

Yerba Mate– stimulating, curbs appetite, boost metabolism5

Nettle Leaves– antioxidant, natural diuretic, rids constipation

Dandelion– antioxidant, nutrifying, digestive

Guarana Fruit– cleansing, endurance, weight loss

You see all the ingredients are natural and yummy just as the ingredients in the Nite Cleanse that I’m including below,

Ginger Root – anti-bloating, digestive aid, aphrodisiac.

Orange Leaves – rids constipation, sleep aid, smooth skin

Lemongrass – relaxant, pain relief, anti-bacterial.

Senna Leaves – natural laxative, anti-bloating, weight loss.

Peppermint – anti-bloating, digestive & colic relief.

Licorice Root – antacid, soothes menstrual cramps.

Hawthorn Berries – circulation, anti-anxiety, digestive.

Psyllium Husk – natural laxative, promotes colon health.

if you would like to try out the program, I recommend that you complete the program for the 28 days to get ultimate potential. How you do it, you take the Morning Boost for 28 days in the mornings and the Night Cleanse every 2nd evening for 14 days in the evenings after dinner. I’m sure you’ll love them both. And you know you can ask me any questions before or after getting started, I’ll love to help you sweet angels xx


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