Silvia Tcherassi Atelier


Feeling so proud for the opening of Silvia Tcherassi Atelier for so many reasons. But most all because I truly love Silvia. Can you believe we are both from Barranquilla, Colombia and we are now based in Miami. I had the privilege to be part of the event with colleagues Danie Gomez-Ortigoza of Glamour Mexico, Irma Martinez, Adriana Castro and Andy Faerman. And, we  loved her latest collection, Las Mujeres de Macondo
It was a lovely evening where guest chatted between sips of Champagne.  There were four models that wore all the pieces. The collection featured brightly printed fabrics paired with Silvia’s signature fluid and structured shapes. All of the collection was inspiring by the fictional Colombian town in Gabriel Garcia-Marquez’ novel One Hundred Years of Solitude.
From all the stores, this is the only one where you can find Silvia’s runway gowns and bridal collection, which features one-of-a-kind, hand-finished pieces. 
Silvia Tcherassi Atelier is located at 207 San Lorenzo Avenue in Coral Gables, Florida.



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