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Music has always been a major part of my life. I was passionate about music ever since I was a little kid. My grandma had a music store when I was a child. And, I remember being introduced to so many different kinds and genres of music because of it.

I took modern dance and ballet classes as I grew up and I loved listening to music regularly. Probably more number of times than most people do.

Now, I like to experiment with new music and listen to overlooked artists. When it comes to music, I love hearing songs that are not popular and are not known to many people on my Sound Disc Bluetooth Speaker.

I also got the Haute Series 5FT Lighting Cable  from because I needed something that is flexible and easy to store. I just love its luxurious white/gold colored design and I feel its designed really well. It looks great when I connect it to my iPhone as I have a similar colored Pink Rose IPhone Case.

Right now, I am listening to an old feel-good song called “Sunshine Reggae”. It never fails to give me the good vibes. I first discovered the song as a child and instantly fell in love with it. Let me know about your favorite song in the comments. I might like it and add it to my “favorites” playlist! I’m always up to find new and refreshing music lately so your suggestions are most welcome!

If you are looking for any audio products then head over to as I really loved their products. Thanks to for sponsoring this post! 


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