Can you guess how much I love my summer time?? Mmm let’s say it would be a little bit close to infinity and even a little beyond that. But please don’t blame me, who doesn’t love summer. Summer days are refreshing; the sun shining, open skies, and the inviting blue ocean. Since I live by the beach, I can’t help including morning and even midnight swims into my everyday activities. That’s why when the summer season comes, I pamper my skin and my hair a little extra.

This week I have been trying Moroccanoil products and I am loving them. First, for I am getting so many compliments about how radiant and glowing my skin looks. Second, for my skin feels so nurtured making me feel so gooood. And, it’s great when you love the message behind the brand you are using. And, I love the quality of the products and the message that empower women.

Current skin care products on repeat:

Using the Face Lotion SPF 30 as my everyday face moisturizer as the final step of your morning skincare routine before makeup application. What I love about this product is you can actually also use it as a sunscreen.

Before my morning swim I’m using the Sun Lotion SPF 50. It is so smooth, and it has Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Since I am working on my sun-kissed glow tan, the Sun Oil SPF 15 is never not in my beach bag.

Soothing my body with the After Sun Milk is my favorite. The natural cooling aloe is the best and it promises to enhance and extend my sun-kissed glow.

Because I love everything Mediterranean, I couldn’t help by not loving the Body Buff. It is scrub inspired by the Mediterranean seaside made with exfoliating sand, apricot and olive seed powers I mean powders 😉 It feels so gentle on my skin while it removes dead skin cells.


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