Moment to Moment

Once upon a time I read a little story about timing. A wealthy man paid a large amount of money to ask how to get the most of his time. A wise man answered him a very simple answer, just plan your day the day before. Before reading this, I didn’t always plan. In fact, one of my favorite movie quote was “moment to moment”  from Pretty Woman. The reality is we want to create beautiful memories each moment of our lives. In order to accomplish the most of each day, we must plan! And, I feel that watches are a great reminder and can also add a little to our vibe. I’m feeling so lucky to recently partnered with Jacy and planned for happy moments like this… 

Ahhh always making time for some coconut water..

And for a little coffee too πŸ˜‰

From their collection, my favorite watch was The ACE rose gold, still can’t get enough of the misty rose strap and that red heart!!!




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