life is beautiful

When a year comes to an end it makes me think of the ups and downs, and each and every one of you who were part of my journey. And I feel soooo #GRATEFUL. With gratitude comes new dreams and resolutions that promise to take our life to a whole new level. “Life is Beautiful” let’s make this our motto, let’s make 2017 the most beautiful and meaningful year ever. This new year gives us the opportunity to achieve our goals. I dare us to stay committed to our dreams until they come true.

These are some my 2017 wishes:

Live life to the fullest
I can be the change I wanna see
Find a boyfriend 😉
Explore more

Iphone 7 (lost it New Year’s Eve)
Speak words of kindness //Start a youtube channel

Be in the moment
Express my feelings like there’s no tomorrow
A grateful heart <3
Unleash the angel in me
Increase #happiness #humbleness
Follow my dreams
Unleash adventure +++
Learn french

Get personal too and leave a comment sharing one of your wishes for 2017 🙂
Best wishes,
Hadasah Abigail




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