Bike Ride with Liberte


Last Friday I evacuated my home due to hurricane irma. So as I write this post, I’m at my familys’ in Jacksonville, FL. I am truly hoping everyone is safe. Here we had some winds, rain, and no power for one day. Now, I have so much to do, so I’ll be back to Miami tomorrow.  Can you believe there isn’t power back home yet, so I’m just not sure how I’ll manage.

Anyways, while I was here I wanted to explore the neighborhood a little bit. Since today the weather was beautiful, I decided to go for a bike ride. Before starting my adventure, I needed to get my go-to snack at my closest publix (only 1 mile away). Liberté is always my number 1 in-between meal snacking and it’s great even for dessert occasions. I always loved how Liberté aligns with my values of quality and food experiences. It’s organic and made with only the finest ingredients. That’s why I enjoy my me-time with Liberté. By the way, the Liberté Ecuadorian Mango is delicious and I was feeling like I was on an Island getaway.

P.S: For those of you interested, you may click here, type Liberté on the search box and you’ll find coupons for Liberté. Once you try it you’ll agree it is possible to live life to the fullest without comprising on taste or experience.



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  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    I definitely will try the Liberte yogurt ! It sounds like the absolute healthiest treat! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Lana Luu

    Omg girl, thanks God everything is ok with you. So many people have been evacuated from their homes!
    But you look adorable as always, and such a good idea to have a bike ride in order to explore some new places 🙂 Leberte yogurt looks so yum and I think mango is my favourite taste!

  • I’ve never tried Liberte yogurt before, but I like that it is organic and made of whole milk! I love to give my kids yogurt as a healthy snack, and they really enjoy the flavor. I will definitely have to pick this one up for them.
    I hope all is well with you and your family, and that you get situated soon!

    ~xo Sheree

  • That yogurt looks delicious! Also, I love your dress and I love that gorgeous bunch of flowers that’s on your bike! This is such a fun summer look!

  • eli dou

    Love your bike!! It’s super cool!


  • I’m just glad you are safe and had somewhere to evacuate during such a difficult time 🙁 I just hope going back to Miami won’t be so difficult (I can’t imagine not having power!). It does look like you enjoyed yourself in Jacksonville, love the dress!

  • Zivanka Markovic

    Liberte is my favourite yogurt, specifically the lime flavoured one. Also your outfit is so cute with that bike! So perfect for summer ♡

    Sweet as Fiction

  • Such a pretty dress! And I haven’t tried this yogurt before. I’ll have to give it a go!

    Love, Lindsey

  • Sam

    I would like to try some of this yogurt. It seems healthier than the regular kind! I mainly use yogurt for a face mask but I’ll definitely taste this kind. So glad you are safe from Irma. I hope you don’t return to any chaos!

  • Jessi Malay

    These photos are gorgeous babe!! So glad you and your family are safe during this time <3

    XO, Jessi

  • Gina Diaz

    So happy that we are safe. I recently tried this yogurt and I’m loving its taste. The images are so stunning and you look so beautiful as always.

    xx. Gina

  • Carmen Jny (carmitive)

    Oh that sounds so yummy! I will have to try it out 🙂
    xx, Carmen –

  • Meghan Knudson

    This yogurt sounds so good!! And these pictures are so beautiful. I am obsessed with that bike!

  • I’m happy to hear you had a safe place to stay during the hurricane. I hope your transition back afterwards wasn’t difficult. These pics of you are so cute. I’ve never tried Liberté yogurt before but it sounds delicious! I’ll have to look them up 🙂

    xo, Jo