If you’ve seen the movie Pretty Women, you probably remember the line when Julia Roberts says “I live moment to moment” Well, I was like that few years ago. Until, I read an article about someone who paid millions of dollars for a single advice. The advice was on managing his 24 hours in a way that was the most productive. And, the answer was a very simple one; planning your day’s agenda ahead of time, at least the day before…

henrylondon12henry watches henry watches

Now, I L-O-V-E to plan my day ahead. Like for example, yesterday I planned to be writing this post during my flight.

There are so many time management tools that can be used. Still, I find that you can succeed with good planning and a stylish watch. Recently, I fall in love with Henry London so their watches have been on repeat. They help me to get through my day accomplishing all my daily goals. Therefore, I can be at the right places at the right time. Timing is really everything ( after love 😉 )  If not, look at sunsets.

I love @henrywatches for I love everything vintage specially when it combines modern trends. This combination of old and new really makes for an outstanding timepiece that does not compromise on style and design.

Also, Henry London creates moments of inspiration. My watch is engraved with a prayer on the case back. So now, every time I wear it and when I take it off, I’m remindful to recite this prayer. There are three different fonts options for the engraving, and couldn’t be a better idea for personalized gifts.

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henry london

By the way, some of friends who don’t like to wear jewelry or watches, have become lovers of @henrywatches too. Even one of them said, I don’t wear watches, but you don’t know what I would do for a Henry London watch. I still wonder what he would do 😉



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