Hi loves,
I hope you are having an awesome week!

I am super excited as I write because here I’m wearing the stars and the moons…Yay!!! I feel an extra spark as I wear spiky star point pieces from Carmen Diaz Jewelry that celebrate her love of the night sky. And, the All Stars Converse which I love for they are so easy to customize creating a celebration of fashion and individuality.

converse all stars
converse all starsconverse all starsconverse all stars
The magic of the All Stars is in that they match with mostly everything in our wardrobe. I like to wear them with dresses, shorts or skinny jeans like I did here for a more versatile look. Also, with skinny jeans these high-tops get to show off their side patches.

converse all stars
converse all stars
converse all stars
I am wearing this red lace top since some of you mentioned on the previous post you liked how red looked on me ☺️ thank you again to the moon and back for being so kind to me…love you so much xx


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