Boho By Spence Collection




I’ve always been into boho and diamond jewelry so naturally I’m in love with these pieces I received from the Boho by Spence Collection. The collection was inspired by the spirit of the Boho girl we all love reminding people to feel optimistic and confident in all aspects of their lives. Each of the 9 symbols about this collection; earth, fire, water, leaf, lotus, paisley, feather, arrow; convey the creativity, adventure, and values that are embodied in us.


I love the message behing each of the symbols. For instance, the leaf in my bracelet is a reminder of  the importance of respecting one’s self and others.  The necklace features a medium Earth charm with three center set Artisan Created Diamonds reminding that everything is forever adapting, forever evolving and that change is for the good. The earrings I’m wearing here feature a flowing small Feather charm each with their own center set Artisan Created Diamonds speaking about lighten the mind, open the heart and let oneself go. Sometimes we need these kind of reminders in our daily lives to truly make a difference.



Also, I’m so excited about this collection because not only it’s inspired by all the things I love-travel, fashion, art, creativy, freedom, femininims, but also feautures Artisan Created Diamonds. These diamonds are grown using proprietary Spence equipment and they are physically identical to mined diamonds yet better, 100%, conflict free, environmentally clean, exceptional quality and affordable. And, it’s really awesome when companies are built with innovation and, most importantly, the environment and society and mind and make an impact for good.



You can shop the collection here, and there is free shipping on all U.S. Spence Diamonds orders. Please let me know in the comments below how much you’re loving this collection and if you have any questions about it. xx



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