Hello June

Hi angels, I hope everyone is staying safe 💕 I wanted to share with you my new pieces from Femmeluxefinery. I got joggers in different colors; white, black and neon pink. I love that they are so comfy and versatile…

new in

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I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy 💕 I have been taking this time to invest it in myself and practice self care. Some of my favorite ways to practice self care are keeping a gratitude journal, working out, and playing dress up. Here…

Graduation memories

graduation thank you card

..the other day while organizing things in my bedroom, I found some letters I received on my graduation day. Aww, I still remember the day I graduated and how excited I was about my accomplishments…

Watching Sunsets

It is almost impossible to a watch sunset and not dream. So, I feel this year we could do more of anything that makes us feel butterflies! What makes me feel this way are…

Hi December

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I love that the weather has been perfect, so it’s really enjoyable being outside experiencing all there’s to see. Here, I’m sharing some of the dresses I’ve been wearing this week for some of the night events I’ve attended. I mean I feel..