about my fitness journey

As you angels might know, I spent most of last summer in Colombia. While I was there, I felt the need to start working out again. So, I did and it’s been amazing. And, here’s what I’m loving the most about my fitness journey,


Aww! Pouring my soul into my fitness journey has been pure magic. I have met many inspiring people along the way, and I have grown in many ways. Also, working out with so much discipline feels like a huge achievement. Each day I love becoming stronger. I am doing things I could not do before and reaching goals I never dreamed. And, there is nothing like the feeling of a finished workout!

Training with a personal trainer

Working out with a personal trainer has been amazing. In as little as three months, I started to see the differences not only in my body, but most importantly, my mind was ready to achieve more and more. At first, I could not really do much, but with persistence, I was able to do lift more, run farther, hold planks longer, and my mind and my body now feel more connected than ever before, and I am the happiest!

Discovering the best Muscle Rescue Lotion

When I started working out, all of my muscles hurt. So, I started using the CBD Muscle Rescue Lotion by Aethics because I did not want to miss any gym day. I knew my personal trainer was waiting for me at the gym with awesome routines and I didn’t want the pain to stop me.  I’m so glad I could just throw this bottle in my gym bag and never worry about the pain again. I love the smell of the blend. It’s got rosemary, wintergreen and peppermint. This CBD lotion is four-ounce and I highly recommend it for fast-acting pain relief especially when you are started working out after a long time without doing any type of exercise or after a very intense workout.

Eating Healthy

I am vegetarian and I love eating healthy. I guess it has always been a part of my lifestyle. But, when I started working out, I felt I was not eating enough, so I added snacks between meals and more protein to each meal. For instance, in the mornings I was only having plain oatmeal, and so I added toppings to it, like organic raw almond butter, protein powder, bananas, apples, and now I also have eggs. And, I am loving it because I feel I am getting more nutrients and getting stronger!

Sleeping well

Nothing like a good night sleep to recover and feel renewed. And, I always felt I needed like 10 hours of sleep to feel good. But, since I started working out, my sleeping schedule has become so much better. Now, I only sleep 7-8 hours and wake up without an alarm at the time I set my mind to the night before. And, that makes me feel sooo good!

Thank you to Aethics for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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