A little “me” time with Bioré



Today, I want to share with you some words of love and advice. We hear about self-love/self-care so many times. And, at times it might sound like selfishness or arrogant. But the truth is, self-love is so essential. It is described as love of self; the desire to promote one’s own well being. It is about working on our personal developement, being honest with ourselves, focusing on the positive, forgiving ouselves. Also, it’s about being grateful, doing things and hobbies we love and caring for our body.

Why is self-care important? Because it gives a feeling of accomplishment, it benefits us in so many ways and it is an ultimate key to happiness. This weekend, I invite you to take some “me” time and indulge yourself into something that just the thought of it is making you smile right now. It can be reading that novel you’re always thinking of, watching that romantic film, taking yourself to dinner, buying the most beautiful flowers for yourself. Whatever it is make sure this weekend you pamper yourself with self-love like never before, doing things for you that tells you that YOU love YOU!

Here I’m loving this little “me” time  taking care of my skin. Since I have oily skin, when I travel, I always carry with me some products from Bioré because their products are great at cleaning pores. The unique ingredientes in their products target the root of all skin problems, clogges pore.

Bioré® One Minute Self Heating Mask

This award-winning mask is best known for its ability to draw out impurities to leave the skin smooth and refresh. It is infused with natural charcoal. It heats up, never hardens, and rinses clean.  I am making time in my schedule to apply it at least 2-3 times a week to get my skin look its best, yay! I mean it melts aways dirt and oil in just 60 seconds. Aww and it actually feels so good, I never want to take it off. It leaves a cooling sensation for tingly tight-oh-so-smooth skin. You got to try it for yourself, it is totally worth it!

  • Retail Price: $5.82 on amazon but varies per retailer
  • Where to Buy: Target or Amazon.com

Bioré® Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips

I love using these strips because they are trusted way to purify pores and are infused with natural charcoal. In just one strip, it unclogs pores by removing excess oil in just 10 minutes. And, if used regularly, they actually diminish the appearance of pores. So, I will for sure start stripping weekly to help my complexion look better. While stripping, I can read articles about judaism that I love while listening to songs from my french cooking playlist. Ahhh! It’s so satisfying!!!

  • Retail Price: $5.99 on amazon but varies per retailer
  • Where to Buy: Target or Amazon.com

I truly hope I got you inspired, and I’ll love if you share below what you’ll be doing for you this weekend!

With love,


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