I wish I had a secret trick to staying fit, but the reality for me is old fashion; diet and exercise. I grew up dancing professionally so now I tend to switch up my exercise to keep things fresh. My current rotation is a combination of long walks and yoga. And, I find these meditative, therapeutic and something I plan on always having in my life.

I know it’s silly, but having cute workout clothes always gets me excited about exercising. That’s why I’m so happy about having my own personal workout stylist. YogaClub is my new personal stylist to discover the best yoga & athleisure brands for up to 60% off retail prices.  When I joined YogaClub I selected one of their three packages, The Guru. This one comes with a 3-piece premium brand outfit that is 100% hand curated.

How it works:

  1. You select your style by taking a fun & interactive style quiz to tell them about your unique style preferences and select a membership package.
  2. Once their stylists know your unique style, they’ll get to work on hand selecting the best brand name pieces that match your personality, body type and favorite ways to sweat or relax!
  3. Yay, your YogaClub will be delivered right to your doorstep every month so you can hit the mat with cute new outfits personally styled just for you!

Last friday, I just received my first box and I loved each piece. They are something I want to wear everyday as they are functional and fashionable which is always a bonus. I’d have picked these pieces for myself as they are totally comfy, cozy, and stylish too. I feel I want to live in these yoga pants, they are sooooo soft.

Also, I was thinking this subscription would make for an awesome holiday gift. Your loved ones will look and feel amazing with these premium branded yoga apparel that’s comfortable to wear and so comfortable on your budget too. You can learn more about joining the Yogaclub here.


Thanks to YogaClub for sponsoring this post.


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