Topshop Embellished Dress

DSC_3231 DSC_3225 DSC_3173 DSC_3166 DSC_3308DSC_3217DSC_3180 If you want to make me happy, give me dresses πŸ˜‰ just kidding you know that sunsets make up for most of my happiness. But, really I've always been a huge fan of cute dresses simply because they're essential in every girl wardrobe. Dresses like this one can make up for any moment. If I had to just pick only one Β TopshopΒ dress, this might be my favorite one. It is a such a lovely party dress with fluttery illusion sleeves that frame the frilly high neck embroidered with intricate floral patterns. Let's rock this weekend with the cutest dress we have! Big kiss H  


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