Magic Night with Mariah Carey

I’m so excited I was part of a special event in honor of Mariah Carey. She’s an angel and it was amazing to celebrate her among family and friends. Mariah loved everything and her kids were the happiest because of all the candy

Blue Beautiful

Among the most charming things in the world, there is the ocean! It’s a place to find inspiration, share with friends, and worth to travel the world for it.  I’m lucky this is home! There’s not a day this blue and beautiful scenery isn’t in my mind and draws me near. It always adds happiness, thoughtfulness, and a little spark of wonderful feelings. And, we should never have enough of something that makes us sooo soooo happy and alive!


I love being in Miami even though I’m always working nonstop! Yet, I often try to find couple of hours just to be at the beach. Sometimes after swimming right before sunset, I get to…


Life is better when you dance because dancing means happiness! And happiness is life! Ever since I am a little girl, I have been dancing.  In college, I took so many dance classes, including ballet, jazz, and modern dance. This summer…