Oh Hi March

This was a very exciting week, I did a lot of things for myself, I read romantic books for hours, baked cookies, went to the gym, lifted weights, wrote in my journal, went to the art store, got a coloring book, walk around with no makeup, sang along to my favorite music, danced…

Also, I dressed up for some events, and here I am sharing some of the looks I wore. All of them are from Femme Luxe. I love their dresses so much because they are the cutest. I also love their corset dresses, trousers, jeans, and black lace bodysuits. I hope you love them as much as I do and you feel super extra special when you wear their pieces 🙂

And, I hope you ladies have a beautiful new month filled with love and all of that that makes you happy!!!

xo, Hadasah


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