3 Interior designs updates that make a huge difference

  1. Create a beautiful gallery wall.

Gallery walls are a decor trend that seems to be able to stand the test of time and for a good reason. They are beautiful, powerful, and full of character. I love how gallery walls bring personality and statement into your home and fill up a large empty wall at home. You can create a gallery wall by framing photographs and drawings. Also, Desenio is one of my favorite online shops for prints.

2. Restyle your coffee table

You can apply designer Phoebe Howard’s chic and simple method to restyle up your coffee table. Start with something tall, like candles. Place an oddball object, like a piece of coral or a small ginger jar. Incorporate something fresh, like some fresh flowers. Show off a stack of books, like pretty art books.

3. Expand your space with a full-length mirror

I feel that mirrors are so crucial when it comes to instantly bringing in and reflecting light, expanding walls, and adding dimension to any space. I personally love having a full-length mirror in my bedroom to take pictures of my outfits, hihi 🥰


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